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Power-Hungry apps, old battery, multi-tasking on many apps simultaneously, excessive gaming, and over-night charging leads to overheating. Let our certified technicians resolve the issue once and for

Poor signal strength is a common problem. It's quite possible that your smart device is at fault! Our repair experts can help you sort out the issue at lowest

Unfortunately, there is one and only way to fix a broken glass is to replace it. Often a broken glass doesn’t affect your device ability, and you simply learn to look past the distraction of the cracks.

Immersion in water, or moisture penetration during rainy season can do great damage to the internal parts of the phone. Our technicians are experts in restoring water damaged smartphones.

Phone does not detect the charger but other phones detect the charger.Not connecting to PC. Not charging at all.

Your smartphone is a robust piece of technology, but it's delicate too. Smartphones without screen guards or temper protection are susceptible to get cracked. We cater to all screen issues with utmost care.

Does your phone's battery take hours to recharge? This can hamper your work & entertainment. Opt for Doorstep Battery Replacement Service at a highly affordable price.

You are not able to hear clearly during the call.Constant crackling sound from the ear speaker.Low or no sound at all from the ear speaker.

Is your front or rear camera not working. Are you not able to take a Photograph or Selfie.Are your photographs blurry.

An embedded Multi-Media Controller is refers to a package consisting of both flash memory and a flash memory controller integrated on the same chip.

We provide motherboard chip level services for mobile phones of all brands. Our services are done according to our customer needs and are provided on time as per the mutual agreement.

A phone's motherboard is its smartest part. Inadequate power supply, short circuit, & moisture penetration, are some common issues. Our mobile repair experts can guide you well in such matters.

If your Android device is rooted you can increase the available RAM, which is compatible with rooted Android phones and tablets.

Simply send us your IMEI and get your phone Unlocked Fast and Hassle free!

Looking For A Fast & Reliable Repair Service

In our daily life, we know how imperative a Smartphone is, it carries your world & you cannot function properly without it. We at Mobile SME committed to deliver the repaired Smartphone device on the same day / less than 24 hours.