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In the modern world, we all are living with high-tech devices which have made our lives much more comfortable. Devices like computers and smartphones are the most common device that we rely upon for our day to day life. If you consider comparing the device, we had 15 yearsback with the devices that we have now, you will find that previously there was the use of cell phones and personal computers which are now replaced with smartphones and laptops. Both devices have different and efficient use in our personal and professional life. But everyone must know the advantage and disadvantages of both the devices to pick the right device for their usage.

Smartphone VS Laptops: A comparative Study

To make this comparative study to be more beneficial for you, we have picked up a few factors that you consider while buying any device. We have compared both the devices adhered to those factors.

  • Portability: It is always easy to carry your smartphone to wherever you go as it can easily fit your pocket. You can surf the internet, check your email, can see the weather report and even can make a call with the help of your smartphone. Thus, your smartphone always remains in your arm’s reach. It seems a bit difficult to compare the portability of a smartphone and a laptop. As a smartphone is always easy to carry to wherever you go. Even mobile repair is much easier than the laptops. Whereas it is a bit difficult for you to take a laptop everywhere for its bigger size. But there is one more important point and that is you cannot achieve everything using a smartphone which you can with the help of a laptop. Compared to the laptops of a decade ago, the laptops are now lighter, thinner and sleeker. But a laptop can never be as compact as your smartphone.
  • Operating System: To make your smartphone and your laptop work, you need the help of an operating system. Without the operating system, both the devices are nothing but a bunch of wires. The operating system helps the device to translate everything that we can see on the screen. The Laptops and smartphones use different operating systems to function. The main difference between the operating systems of the smartphone and the laptopsis that the OS of the laptops are full-featured while the operating systems of the mobiles have some limitations. Thus, laptop repair is more complicated than repairing a mobile.
  • Battery life: This sounds to be a tricky affair while we are trying to compare the battery life of a smartphone and a laptop. As both the devices are used differently, it seems like comparing an apple with an orange. We use our phones for short intervals during the entire day and laptops are generally used in the limited time frame. Though some students and professionalsmuch relyupon their laptops than they are on their phones.
    Though it is hard to compare between a smartphone battery and a laptop battery, smartphone batteries are considered to be long-lasting than the cells of the laptops. The smartphone repair cost for the battery damage is cheaper than the laptop. But the use pattern and the time of using the devices may bring some changes. Like if we consider using a laptop for some time everyday, the battery may last for several days. On the otherhand, the battery of a smartphone can’t last for more than two days.
  • Connectivity: No matter where we go, we are always connected to an internet connection. The use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth has become so common that we can’t think our lives with9out them. In an urban setting connecting your smartphone to a Wi-Fi connection is more comfortable than connecting your laptop. Smartphones generally have the provision of mobile data and thus connecting your smartphone to the internet even in the absence of a Wi-Fi is accessible. You can’t connect your laptop without Wi-Fi.

The Final Verdict: Even though we try to compare the prices of both the devices, there are smartphones which are way more expensive than that of a laptop. Smartphones are generally used for many functions. But the smaller screen size will always keep them back from replacing the laptops. Thus, we can come to a mutual conclusion, and that is instead of competing, they can complement each other.

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